Special Wine Events

For special events or occasions there is always a variety of choices of entertainment and/or theme. An increasingly popular choice in the area is wine tasting in London. Wine tasting is a chance to try a variety of wines that you might not have had a chance to in the past. There are a large number of choices of venue for wine tasting in and around London, and here at Winfield Wines we offer a unique selection for you to chose from.

The venues cater for various sizes from six to five hundred and are dotted all around London as well as Kent, Hertfordshire, West Sussex and Warwickshire. Whether you have something intimate and laid back in mind, or a little bit more formal, we have something appropriate that we know you will love.

Atmosphere is the main thing people consider when choosing a venue, and is particularly relevant when picking a venue for wine tasting. Many of our venues have a cellar theme to give you the full feel of an authentic wine tasting experience. We even hold wine tastings on cruising boats on the Thames, so you can soak in the city by water.

If you’re holding a wine tasting event and already have a venue, but would like us to supply the wine tasting, we’re confident we can work with whichever venue you have chosen. Our flexibility is one of the things that makes us the best suppliers of wine tasting London wide.

Wine Tasting Experiences

Wine tasting is a pleasant evening where you can learn about different wines, try them out and find new wines to enjoy that you might not have previously tried. It’s a chance to expand your knowledge of wine and get an expert opinion. It’s also a lot of fun.

Often wine tasting evenings can be more than just sitting around a table tasting, they can be turned into whole experiences. There are several exciting venues and themes, and at Winfield Wines we offer a wide range of wine tasting experiences. As one of the leading suppliers of events with wine tasting London wide, we know we can offer you something special.

We can offer something simple and classic, such as wine tastings from all the main wine growing areas with cheese or even chocolate if you want to make it a little different. We can also offer a more interactive experience with quizzes. This is something particularly popular with corporate events or celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries. These quizzes can include guessing the grape or the age of a wine, and trying to work out which is the most expensive. You might be pleasantly surprised that your favourite is one of the least expensive. You could try the latest big thing, and that is sake. A traditional Japanese wine, it is less commonly drunk and so would be something new and exciting for you all to experience.

Location can be everything, and we offer a wide range of venues to choose from. If you are looking for something truly spectacular though, how about a cruise of the Thames on a river boat, enjoying the best views of London by water whilst trying out some of the best wines available.

Give us a call to ask any questions and so that we can set you up with a fantastic wine tasting experience.