A new year for wine tasting

 In the world of wine, which year it is is very important for a number of reasons; essentially the year a wine was made can completely determine the overall taste and quality of a wine, because of the weather, the soil quality and the kind of grapes grown that year. There are years that are more famous for good wines than others, and years that are notorious for lower quality wine as a result of bad weather or natural disasters. In the first month of 2013 wine makers will already be considering the grapes they will be growing and the wine they will be making, but fans of wine will also be thinking about the wines of 2012 they will be looking forward to exploring and trying out.

If you have functions or parties to arrange in 2013 then there is a growing trend towards wine tasting London wide. It is not just for wine connoisseurs but for anyone that is up for trying something new and interested in learning about wine, as well as anyone that enjoys a glass of wine or two of an evening! They are not stuffy or formal any more when using the right wine venue and tasting organizer. They can be as laid back and informal as you want, where you can just enjoy the wine and find a new favourite, or as educational as you want to learn about the various grapes, years, areas, etc. There is also a wide range of venues with different environments from up market stately homes to cozy wine bars. A wine tasting event can be as personal as your event.

If you have business functions to organize this year; client mixers, staff events, conferences, etc, a wine tasting event is something new and different, and bound to encourage attendance more than a dinner or other sit down event. If you want a fun and sociable image for your company holding a wine tasting event is bound to portray you in a positive light and start the year with a swing.

We offer the best wine tasting services London wide, so give us a call for an update on how to have a good time in 2013.