What is the best summer wine?

Summer has finally kicked in with a vengeance and soaring temperature have driven people into their garden for BBQs and drinks as the sun goes down in London. When it’s hot it can be tempting to reach for a beer or a soft drink but in this weather some wines can be just as, if not more, refreshing.

Obviously it’s the chilled wines that are the most popular in the warmer weather, and in fact wines that you may not have enjoyed when doing your wine tasting London wide may just hit the spot in the heat. A good example of this is Rose wines.

Rose wines are served chilled in the same way as whites and whilst the rest of the year might be avoided as being seen as too sweet, the fruity taste can be very refreshing with summery hints of berry flavours at this time of year in the same way as Pimms can be. They are mainly still but there are also sparkling ones available, and there are some nice flavours at reasonable prices.

Sparkling wines are another favourite in the summer. They have to be served really cold to taste nice so in this heat make sure that you have something to keep it chilled like a wine bucket and to use glasses that haven’t been out in the sun.

People often don’t realise that some kinds of red wine can be served chilled but you need to be careful which ones. Some red wines; ones high in tannin, a component from the grapes’ skins, can taste bitter when chilled but those with a softer tannin can actually benefit from chilling because it enhances their fruitiness and makes them even more refreshing.

If you are used to sticking to your usual wines whatever the weather it may be worth looking into one of our events with wine tasting London wide, to find out how you might find a new wine perfect for enjoying this summer.